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10 Small Business Ideas You can Start from a Self-Storage Unit Today

Updated: Jul 17, 2020

Have you been thinking of starting up your own business? You could be an entrepreneur at heart who has finally decided it's time to sack your boss. You could have been made redundant and realised that you now have a golden opportunity to work for yourself.

There are lots of profitable businesses that you can start with just a self-storage unit. Self-storage, such-as that offered by David Bletsoe-Brown Self Storage, makes starting up for yourself easier and cheaper: You have no business rates to pay, your rent is low, there's no deposit to pay and it's easy to take on another storage unit if your business grows and you need more space.

Here are some ideas of businesses which can be started from a self-storage unit:

1) Online Sales

Whichever your platform: Spotify, Etsy, Amazon, or eBay; and whatever you want to sell: Clothes, Books, Furniture or Tech; A self-storage unit is the easiest and cheapest way of storing your inventory. With no deposit to pay and flexible contracts, a self-storage unit can help you turn a profit from online selling much quicker!

2) Upclycling Vintage Furniture

Do you have an eye for design or a knack for finding bargain furniture to restore? Upcycling could be for you! There's a huge market at the moment for restored vintage pieces. A self-storage unit is the perfect place to keep and work on your beautiful pieces.

3) Photography Studio

Are you a keen amateur photgrapher? Turn your passion into hard cash by using a self-storage unit as your very own photography studio. A self-storage unit gives a perfect blank backdrop around which you can build stunning sets for product photography or to take photos that you can sell on to other business owners as stock photos. Our inside units have power so you can set up your lighting.

4) Video Blogging

Have you got a skill or point of view that people might be interested to learn about? Video-bloggers or vloggers can make great money on sites like Youtube and Tik-Tok. If your house is too busy or not a great environment for your videos, a self-storage unit could be for you. Our inside units have power and lighting, you can set them with the perfect backdrop and props for your channel.

5) Event Management and Services

Did you love organising an event for yourself or your family? The events industry is big business and it is likely to bounce back after the knock it's taken due to COVID-19. A storage unit can be the perfect place to keep your event props. At David Bletsoe-Brown Self-Storage we give flexible terms, so if you need to rent a larger unit short-term for just one or two events, you'll only be charged for the time used.

6) Contracting

If you have a trade, be it as a builder, plumber, electrician or handy person, you're going to need specialist tools. Sadly, we've all seen how likely it is for tools to be stolen these days - store your equipment in one of our self-storage units to make sure it's as safe as it can be. With CCTV, manned response teams, alarms, a locked gate and locked units, your tools will be safe with us.

7) Gardening

Do you have green-fingers? Do you love tending to your own lawns? Gardening is a huge industry in the UK and you could be the next gardening entrepreneur! You could market your services in fancy neighbourhoods or to landlords. Our container storage is perfect for large gardening machines such-as mowers and strimmers.

8) Removals

A self-storage unit, a van and a careful manner, and you're half-way to starting your own removals company. Another sad economic consequence of the COVID-19 lockdown is that a lot of people will have to move house; removals companies will be in very high demand.

9) Professional Services - Archive Storage

Are you a mortgage broker, estate agent, accountant, lawyer or business advisor? You could sack your boss and start up serving you local area. You'll need to keep professional records safe for a long time to comply with government regulations. A self-storage unit can be a great solution for your archive storage while working from home.

10) Professional Services - Office Space

Are you a professional but don't like working from home? Our self-storage units make great offices and we are only too happy to convert a unit to an office for local professionals. With a great business address, free wifi, customer parking and access to meeting rooms, we make it easy for you to start up on your own in professional services.

If this blog has inspired you to start your business, contact our friendly team today to find out how we can help. By phone: 01536 416000 By e-mail:

David Bletsoe-Brown Self-Storage is based in Kettering, Northamptonshire by Junction 7 of the A14. It's a great location for Corby, Market Harborough, Wellingborough and surrounding areas as well as Kettering. For more information check out our services at:

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