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What Size Storage Unit Do I Need for my House Move?

We get it, moving house is stressful! Most people only move house a few times in their lives so it helps to have someone explain how to make it easier. Self Storage can be a huge help when you're moving house; putting your stuff in storage can take the pressure off your moving schedule meaning you are less reliant on a moving chain, and it's a necessity if you're downsizing.

'Ok,' I hear you say,'I know I need storage, but how much storage do I need?' The over-used phrase that often comes to mind is 'How long is a piece of string?' Of course the truth is the size of storage unit needed depends entirely on how much stuff you have. This guide is designed to help you figure out how much stuff you have and decide which size of unit is best suited to you.

In this blog we're going to estimate the amount of space you'll need based on the average amount of stuff you can fit in your size of house or appartment.

One Bedroom Flat

If you're moving out of a one bed flat you are likely to need roughly 50 - 80 square ft of space.

A 5 x 10 ft or 8 x 10ft inside unit would be perfect for you or if you prefer the drive-up access available with containers - we'd recommend a 10 x 8 ft container.

Two Bedroom House

For a two bed house or a large appartment, we'd recommend roughly 100 square ft of storage space.

Our 10 x 10 ft self storage units fit this size perfectly. You have the option of outside or inside block built self-storage units.

Another great option is our 10 x 15 square ft first floor units. These are our cheapest ever units at just £50 + VAT. These are slightly bigger in area than 100 sq ft but don't have as high headroom

- they're perfect for boxes of fragile items which

don't stack so easily.

Three or Four Bedroom House

If you're moving out of a three bed house we'd recommend 150 square ft of space.

To fit this size we have inside or outside units at 10 x 15 ft or if you prefer drive-up access we have 20 x 8 ft steel containers.

Ready to book or have more questions?

We hope this guide helps you in choosing

the right size of storage space for your move. If you'd like to book your storage or if you have any further questions, our team would be only too happy to help.

Contact David Bletsoe-Brown Self Storage today on 01536 416000.

What about removals?

For reliable house movers, we would highly recommend Northants Removals. Their caring and professional team will make sure your precious belongings are moved safely and efficiently making your move as easy as possible. Contact Northants Removals on 08000199 813 today.

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